Clash Royale Hack

Using this clash royale hack you can dominate the game by adding unlimited gems and gold in seconds!
You can also add for friends!

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Clash Royale Hack

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About This Clash Royale Hack Tool

You probably won't even read this but you should because there is some good tips about this tool. The main thing we must get in there is that we spent a huge amount of time making sure this is very secure. Safety is very important when it comes to tools such as this one, without it that would be pointless and a big waste of time. The speed of this tool has been tweaked a lot and it's now really fast while still remaining safe to use. People all over the world use this hack and sometimes you may notice a decrease in the time it takes to add the items but don't worry it will get there in the end!

Recently Asked Questions

Q: How long does it take on an iPad for example?
A: The device doesn't really matter, it's the internet connection speed from your provider and or area.
Q: Can I come back and add again if I run out?
A: The answer is: yes you can! As long as you don't abuse it every minute of the day.
Q: Am I able to add some for a friend?
A: Yes you can, unless you want to keep this quiet as a lot of people do to make them look awesome!
Q: How does this even work?
A: It's a long story, but this clash royale hack works via database injection.
Q: Why do you make these hack tools?
A: We believe gaming is for fun and this is not fun if you can't afford to pay for items.

How This Tool Works

This clash royale hack is one of many tools out there, while not many are as safe as they seem we are definitely sure that this one is. This hack works in step by step modes, it will take your username and figure out the hash code to search in the database for it. Once it finds your database table it can then get the current value of gems/gold. It also has the ability to then edit those amounts with the amounts you chosen to add. Once it has changed the amounts it will exit the database until it does a small refresh, when the refresh happens the tool will tidy up anything maybe left behind to keep it undetected and safe for further use. Once cache/logs/traces have been cleaned you then wait a couple of minutes for the database to do an items update. It will then notice your new amount and it will show in the clash royale game.